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The Third Rule of Home Staging: Add a Splash of Color (12 photos)

26th October 2016   |  Garden Voices

When it comes to staging a home for sale, the classic advice to keep color schemes neutral is still spot-on. White or pale hues make a space feel simple, serene and more expansive. These unobtrusive colors act as a blank canvas; they allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. But READ MORE

Reader Bathroom: $39,000 Brings New Jersey Bath Into the 21st Century (8 photos)

26th October 2016   |  Garden Voices

This series profiles bathroom remodels shared by homeowners on Houzz.Bathroom remodels are one of the more common home renovation projects in the U.S., and their costs can range READ MORE

Houzz Tour: Brooklyn Townhouse Goes From Fixer to Fantastic (16 photos)

26th October 2016   |  Garden Voices

Armed with vision and strong nerves, designer Alison Jennison saw past the faded green paint, wood paneling and fiber ceiling panels like many people had in elementary school to realize the full potential of this three-story Brooklyn, New York, townhouse. Her efforts peeled back the decades-old READ MORE

Room of the Day: Drab Toilet Closet Now a Dramatic Powder Room (3 photos)

26th October 2016   |  Garden Voices

Awkward design often begins with the best intentions. In this older home in San Francisco, previous owners had put a toilet in a closet to make more room in a nearby guest bathroom. The problem was, without a sink, guests using the toilet would have to exit the water closet, turn down the READ MORE

Houzz Tour: Caribbean Villas Inspire a Toronto Home (20 photos)

26th October 2016   |  Garden Voices

These homeowners wanted to bring the feeling of their favorite Caribbean vacation spot 2,000 miles north to their home in Toronto. But the builder’s run-of-the-mill finishes throughout the interior were far from the light, bright and breezy French Colonial-meets-modern villas they love to stay in on READ MORE

7 Favorite Indoor Plants for West-Facing Windows (13 photos)

26th October 2016   |  Garden Voices

For most indoor plants, the light from a west-facing window is a welcome compromise between the bright but usually weaker light from an east-facing window and the direct and often very bright light let in through a south-facing window. As a result, plants that like a little more light but can’t handle READ MORE

10 Fall-Blooming Shrubs for Southwest Gardens (10 photos)

26th October 2016   |  Garden Voices

The arrival of fall is often celebrated as a “second spring” in the Southwest, when the heat of summer goes away and cooler weather is welcomed with open arms. It’s a time when people begin to emerge from their air-conditioned hibernation to enjoy the outdoors. As if on cue, several shrubs burst forth READ MORE

How to Remove, Hide and Play Down a Popcorn Ceiling (14 photos)

26th October 2016   |  Garden Voices

Don’t love your popcorn ceiling? You’re not the only one stuck with some unwanted stucco overhead. There are many options for moving on from it, but not all of them are equally effective — or equally easy. To help you decide how to address your popcorn problem, here are some top ways to remove, cover READ MORE

Shop Houzz: Trending Tiered Lighting (130 photos)

26th October 2016   |  Garden Voices

For lighting that doubles as a statement-making work of art, opt for a fixture that feature multiple tiers. Add visual intrigue to your entryway or dining room with a stacked chandelier, or add unexpected design depth with a wall sconce or flush-mount fixture that features layered shapes and lights READ MORE

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