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The Benefits of Wild Landscape Design (4 photos)

23rd August 2016   |  Garden Voices

Wild gardens are a hot design trend, but what exactly are they? For many, wildness is an aspect of nature that feels distant and removed from our everyday lives. And yet wildness, the situations and species that make nature alive and evolving, are always around us. Certainly, wild nature is clawing to READ MORE

You Can Turn That Into a Bathroom Vanity? (13 photos)

23rd August 2016   |  Garden Voices

A bathroom vanity needn’t be straight out of the shop or supplied by a manufacturer or cabinetmaker. Indeed, thinking outside the square can turn up a one-of-a-kind vanity with character and function to boot. Sideboards, desks and cabinets — whether new or used — can all be repurposed to provide storage READ MORE

Need Peace and Quiet? Muted Colors Tone Things Down (8 photos)

23rd August 2016   |  Garden Voices

There’s a misconception that muted colors are only for people who are afraid of color. On many occasions, I’ve specified softer hues for clients who were nervous about choosing colors, but I’ve also suggested more subtle hues for homeowners who have a “bolder is better” mentality when it comes to color READ MORE

Houzz Tour: Stylish Living in Less Than 600 Square Feet (19 photos)

23rd August 2016   |  Garden Voices

The redesign of this compact apartment in a 1980s building in Bucharest, Romania, was the last project designer Dana Kallo tackled before relocating to Ireland. The owners had chosen it for its great location rather than its looks, and it badly needed updating and improving. “We came up with a READ MORE

Houzz TV: Step Inside an Industrial-Chic Forever Home (21 photos)

23rd August 2016   |  Garden Voices

Stacy Weiss and Will Carpenter created their forever home in an unconventional space: a 1920s commercial building that’s been a mechanic’s garage, a tile store and an artist’s studio. Weiss, owner of Weisshouse, a Pittsburgh resource for high-end vintage home goods, and Carpenter, a general contractor READ MORE

Room of the Day: Family Room With a Lively, Eclectic Style (5 photos)

23rd August 2016   |  Garden Voices

Jodi Cook knew when she and her family moved into their Denver-area home that the dedicated TV room off the kitchen would become a family living area. She also knew it would need to be as kid-friendly as possible while still functioning as an inviting adult space. She relied on her years of design experience READ MORE

Feel-Good Home: Curves Follow Nature’s Lead (9 photos)

23rd August 2016   |  Garden Voices

Straight lines are rarely found in nature, yet contractors diligently work to ensure that all angles of the built environment are a perfectly plumb, square 90 degrees whenever possible. When straight lines are called for, squared angles are indeed a telltale sign of superior craftsmanship and are important READ MORE

Shop Houzz: Modern Wall Decor (112 photos)

23rd August 2016   |  Garden Voices

Update your walls with modern decor that will transform your space. Whether you keep it classic with sleek photo frames and artworks that are bold and graphic, or you kick it up a notch with wall planters and stylish sculptures, say goodbye to bare walls and have fun with your home decor READ MORE

Tuesdays with a Twist #176

23rd August 2016   |  Back to the Basics!

Good Morning and welcome to another No Rules Party!It's finally August!!I posted our September Planting Guide last week and a few other goodies! In case you missed it, last month I sharedHow to Plant Organic GarlicWhen to Plant GarlicHarvesting & Curing Organic GarlicI also offer a Planting Guide for 2016.  I'm really excited about our new gard... READ MORE

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