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My Houzz: Chic Updates to a 350-Square-Foot NYC Apartment (24 photos)

28th September 2016   |  Garden Voices

Natasha and Rob Habermann’s 350-square-foot apartment in New York’s East Village is appropriately described by Natasha as a “cozy little jewel box.” Its existing white brick walls and high ceilings charmed the couple when they saw it, and they were able to look past the poorly planned layout and cramped READ MORE

7 Tips for Picking Colors With Staying Power (15 photos)

28th September 2016   |  Garden Voices

Jumping on a popular-color bandwagon for your home can be thrilling and fun — until all of a sudden you grow tired of or even irritated by the same color you thought was a good idea to splash everywhere. Taking a little color risk is great, and something I highly recommend, but there are ways to prevent READ MORE

Room of the Day: New Style in a Creative Couple’s Suburban Living Room (8 photos)

28th September 2016   |  Garden Voices

When designers Adam and Kara Mendelsohn had two young children about eight years ago, they decided to make the move from New York City to the suburbs. They bought a 1950s updated split-level home in the town of Centerport, on the North Shore of Long Island, and furnished it with existing pieces and hand-me-downs READ MORE

Make Your Garden a Haven for Backyard Birds (16 photos)

28th September 2016   |  Garden Voices

You can do more to welcome birds to your garden than hanging a feeder and calling it a day. To turn your backyard into an avian sanctuary, you can also plant native plants to provide food and areas for shelter. These additions to your backyard can provide a rest stop for migrants in the fall and can READ MORE

Lemmon’s Marigold Brings Flowers to Desert Gardens in Spring and Fall (6 photos)

28th September 2016   |  Garden Voices

Native to the Southwest, Lemmon’s marigold (Tagetes lemmonii), with its yellow daisy flowers and dark green, aromatic foliage, thrives in arid climates and adds a bright color splash to desert gardens. It brings softness to the landscape with its mounded growth habit and blooms in spring through READ MORE

Bring the Charm of a Rustic Cabin to Your Home (21 photos)

28th September 2016   |  Garden Voices

Many of us dream of stepping off the fast track of modern life and retreating into the woods for a quiet, more peaceful existence. Perhaps reading Walden in high school planted the seed. Or maybe it’s a deeper undercurrent in the American psyche — we are, after all, a country that was born from READ MORE

Shop Houzz: Good Neighbor Day (100 photos)

28th September 2016   |  Garden Voices

There are many ways to be a good neighbor, some of them simpler than you might think. National Good Neighbor Day is September 28 — the perfect time to try a few. Introduce yourself to the people on your block and you may find yourself bonding over common interests, like a love of gardening or pets. Whether READ MORE

Feel-Good Home: Water, Water, Everywhere (10 photos)

28th September 2016   |  Garden Voices

You’re probably already aware that the Earth is called the Blue Planet because about 70 percent of it is covered in water. Proponents of biophilic design — building practices that aim to improve human health, well-being and productivity — advocate strengthening your connection READ MORE

Little Prince Eggplant

28th September 2016   |  The Garden Diaries

Growing veggies in containers on your deck or patio is easy using the right varieties. Little Prince is a perfect candidate for containers as it produces an abundance of small delicious eggplants all season long. Continue reading → READ MORE

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